The Heroes Of Vaasa

On the hunt

The Heroes continue after Nefer and Fylth

Upon meeting up with Killyaded again, the Heroes press on forward through the complex and after Nefer and Fylth’s captor. They enter a trap-laden set of corridors, arrows flying from the walls, an animated statue, spikes from the walls, oh and a few demons as well.

Deeper into the dungeon they encounter a giant roper monster and dispatch the beast quickly, they then stumble upon a meeting of some sort in which they see Fylth and Nefer, but they are bound and gagged.

Wwyzzerd figures to get the jump on them and blows up some undead and the party escape with Fylth and Nefer as Thark and his group must now deal with the undead and the Death Cultists.IMG_3176.JPG



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